Tonybet Canada

Tonybet Betting Canada. Rating Comment
Company reliability 8/10 Tonybet has a lot of experience in European countries and around the world.
Registration 8/10 Simple and fast process
Sports betting 9/10 Competitive odds and good live betting section.
Casino 9/10 A lot of slots, table games and live casino offerings.
Payment methods 8/10 Popular payment methods
Customer service 9/10 Have all contact options and are available 24/7.
Bonuses and promotions 7.5/10 Promotions for registered betting and casino users.
Mobile betting 8/10 Excellent mobile experience from the browser.
Web design 7/10 A simple design adaptable to any screen.

Login Tonybet Canada How do I register?

Log in to the official Tonybet web portal and click on the register button.

Fill out the form with the requested data, and press continue.

Enter from the payment method of your preference the first deposit, remember that before you must validate your identity.

Check the confirmation email and enjoy the Tonybet experience.

Tonybet Betting

This web portal is designed to offer a wide range of entertainment, just like in traditional bookmakers, especially when it comes to sports, as it provides a very complete coverage for all types of sports.

Its sports betting catalog covers more than 18 sports, including the English Premier League, NBA, NFL and La Liga, recognized throughout Europe for their wide popularity among the public. In that sense, for the convenience of all users, when logging into the Tonybet platform, the different sports betting categories can be accessed via shortcuts.

At this point, you can place single bets, where you attach a single game outcome, or a multiple placing by adding different outcomes in several categories.

On the other hand, for those who love to follow step by step every play of their favorite team, this portal has the possibility to place live bets, that is to say as the match is taking place.

For every live game that is taking place, there is a real-time bet for you. As long as the team you wish to support falls within the categories of this unique online betting portal, you are one step away from a unique real-time gambling experience.

In addition, the portal is well prepared to offer expert advice on everything concerning best player predictions, results and analysis in the lead-up to the match.

Competitive odds

The odds present on this portal with respect to those of the competition, at this point, Tonybet has with what to compete as it offers unbeatable odds per game, especially if they are the most popular, such as soccer.

However, this scale beats the competition, but it is not the best on the market, as the big sports bookmakers run other odds schemes. Within the world of sports, the betting market is very wide and each of these can handle different odds.

Pay attention to each option and choose where to place your bet, you should also keep in mind that the bets in the "LIVE" section change with respect to the cost and effective betting payout, for higher profits place your bets before the game starts.


If you are one of those who love to gamble and take advantage of as many bonuses as possible, you will be delighted to know that Tonybet fits the bill, as it regularly has very attractive promotional offers within the market. Among the most acclaimed bonuses by users are the welcome bonuses, which you can only access them by being at least 30 days on the platform.

These bonuses and special promotions may vary from region to region, but ultimately, each of these are designed to provide all players with the best opportunities within the betting portal.

Tonybet Casino

This powerful online casino has positioned itself as one of the best that exists in the market, all thanks to the options with which it catches the attention of all users looking for a form of entertainment. It has great promotions and a very well designed interface, where you can opt for more than 850 online casino games, each one of them accredited and regulated by the corresponding authorities, providing the possibility of playing the best titles available in the market.

Since its founding in 2009, Tonybet has been responsible for providing games that are interesting and betting opportunities that are second to none, also having an excellent customer service team and a mobile application where you can make your queries, bets and games from anywhere.

When you enter the main portal of Tonybet, you can immediately find yourself with different types of games, there are for all tastes, and they are designed by more than 15 developers from different parts.

Overall online, this betting and casino portal is very efficient, as it has a wide selection of casino games, sports betting, several effective payment methods, high withdrawal levels and a very good certification, which makes it reliable and transparent in all its operations.

Tonybet slots

Let's talk now about one of the attractions of this betting house, the slots games or slots, undoubtedly represent the cherries on the cake, since by their playability, cost and payouts to the player have generated a wide demand for themes and titles. Luckily, all slot machines offer a unique experience, as they merge gameplay, image, lights and music to provide an original gaming experience, counting on the constant development and updating of brands such as Moorhead.

Currently, the portal makes available to all its users more than 170 individual slot machines with various themes, including BooK of Cats, Age of Pirates, Buffalo Rampage, Temple Tumble Megaways, Big Bass Bonanza, among others.

Where you can witness unsurpassed graphics, animated cartoons, 3D movement and surround sound unique in the slots gaming industry. All the titles available in the slots menu are among the best in the world thanks to their unique features and fluidity on devices.

Tonybet Table Games

Table games are another of the most sought-after gaming options among online casino users, luckily, Tonybet makes 40 different gaming options available to them. These include blackjack, roulette, baccarat and the popular poker. All of these are specifically designed to generate unique games, especially if we bring into the picture the tournaments that are held periodically within the portal.

These table games feature mind-blowing graphics, 3D animations and unsurpassed fluidity, features that are applied to generate sensations similar to those of a traditional gambling house. Among the favorite games in this category is poker, so it will be possible to play in any theme, from a luxurious Vegas casino, to a pirate ship, all in order to entertain and give the best gaming experience to the user.

Among the gaming options you will find yourself:

  • Classic Open Face.
  • Pineapple Open Face.
  • Turbo Open Face.

Each of these are adjusted to the user's play time and in-game skills. All this is not to mention the fully live gameplay visions, with which to measure board game skills with users from elsewhere.

Live casino

We know that there are individual gaming options where the player just plays his game and leaves with his payout. In live casino options it is possible for users to play in real time with other opponents.

In Tonybet presents this type of online modalities, where the player can perform games in real time with friends or opponents from another part of the world, without a doubt, this live option brings more adrenaline and competitiveness to the matter of casino games.

But what are the games in which you can participate live, basically all table games present in Tonybet where you have a multiplayer mode can perform live games.

As for example live blackjack, players of this type of casino game will have a wide range of options, moves, promotions and opponents. Enjoy unbeatable tournaments, leaderboards and game positions while participating in a unique and secure multiplayer experience from Tonybet's upgraded gaming platform.

Payment methods and processing time

After completing the registration process for a Tonybet account it will be necessary to make a minimum deposit to start enjoying all the promotions found within the portal to first time users. The minimum deposit must be $10 and no extra deposit fees are applied to complete the payment of any other transaction, among the payment methods arranged by Tonybet are.

Through these payment platforms, deposit transactions are completed instantly.


Depositing at Tonybet is very simple, just log in with your username and password. Upon completion of the above step, log into your user profile and select the deposit, or reload option, at this point wait for the window to display.

Select the type of deposit that suits your preferences, and then place the amount to deposit. Finally, follow all the payment portal instructions and confirmations required to make your first deposit and you're done.

It is important that at the time of registration of your personal data you have placed very well the contact details such as email and phone number, as sometimes you will have to confirm these transactions.


To withdraw money from this bookmaker you must log in with your username and password, enter your profile and select the option of cashouts or withdrawal of funds, there you will see the method chosen to make the deposit, add the desired amount to withdraw. After 24 to 48 hours you will be receiving in the selected portal the amount of money withdrawn, in the case of some financial institutions, the waiting time may exceed 48 hours for processing.

For online casino and betting portals, customer service is of utmost importance to clarify any kind of doubt or problem that may arise. In the case of Tonybet, we have been able to test its customer service process, and it provides different channels with which users can get in touch.

Firstly, we have via email, if any user needs to get in touch with an advisor, just send an email.

It also has a traditional way through the official portal of Tonybet, where you must complete a form of basic questions to send a predetermined response In this case it becomes useful this option when the problem experienced is common and there is a simple solution, for example, overdue deposits, bonus collections, etc..

Another plus point is the online chat, here the response time is immediate if it is the case and is quickly achieved in the tab identified on the platform. Customer service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a year. Keep in mind that the languages with which the Tonybet portal serves its customers are: English, Estonian, German, Finnish, French Canadian, Russian, Spanish.

Tonybet App and mobile version

Unlike other online casino and gambling portals that have mobile apps to generate a greater flow of users and adapt their gaming options to smaller screens, Tonybet does not. However, this does not represent a point against it, as the developers of this bookmaker have worked hard to ensure that the adjustment on mobile and desktop device screens is efficient.

All this is due to the novel interface it has, allowing each of the gambling, table or live games to be adjusted in complete harmony from the mobile or Tablet, regardless of your Android or iOs operating system. Likewise, if what you want is to bet from the mobile, all you have to do is enter the official Tonybet platform through the browser of your choice and that's it, you will be enjoying hours of entertainment.

From this section, it is recommended to enter through Google's Chrome browser, if it is an Android, or through Safari, if it is an Apple operating system. Also, if you wish to maintain a constant stream of your live game and betting, we recommend connecting to a wifi network, as some mobile data service failures can affect the performance of your games. However, it is quite possible that this bookmaker will have a mobile app in the major download stores in the not too distant future.

Web Design

From the first click it is possible to observe a very well designed platform, and this is no surprise, since Tonybet has developers of different nationalities, who have been renewing the image progressively since its founding in 2009 to what we know now.

When entering its main portal, we find some key elements that are elementary for the success of it, on the one hand, the shortcuts to its entertainment categories, where we find the "sports betting", "slots" and "table games" so that everyone has it at their fingertips.

If we keep scrolling down, we will find a selection of the most popular slots of the month, there anyone will be able to access the most visited games by users during the last few days.

Unlike other betting portals, Tonybet has a sober design, where dark colors are used in the background to highlight its lilac colors. In addition, this background color favors the view during long periods of time inside the portal, just as it happens in the night mode of mobile devices.


Currently, the licenses that Tonybet has give it the possibility to operate internationally, in addition to providing the transparency, security and accountability of a bookmaker like this. Below, we show some of the countries where it has presence: Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine, Romania, Malta, Finland and Canada.

It is important to note that Tonybet promotions and bonuses and promotions may vary depending on the region where the registration is made, also some titles may not be available.

Tonybet Canada: Our conclusion

So far, we have known that Tonybet is a novel betting portal, has been positioning itself as one of the best in Europe, even though it does not have a very broad structure. Among its products are sports betting, slots and table games, which have undoubtedly given it the value it deserves within the market of online betting portals.

In addition, it is regulated by licenses of great renown as the case of the Directorate General of Gaming Regulation, better known as the DGOJ. It also has a very comfortable and easy to operate interface, where users can make their way through a sober, efficient and friendly design with the eye, which gives prominence to the jewels of the portal, its slots, table and sports betting games.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I verify my Tonybet account


To verify your account you need to go to the email provided during registration and access through the link provided, with this you can safely verify the opening and establishment of your Tonybet account, to start enjoying casino games and betting, as well as make deposits, enjoy opening bonuses and generate withdrawal of funds.

Is Tonybet legal?

One of the way to know if a betting portal is legal is through its certifications, Tonybet has the certification of the Directorate General of Gaming Ordinance or DGOJ, with which it can operate legally in Canada.

Is it safe to deposit money in Tonybet?

The answer is yes, since its founding in 2009, the developers have focused on creating a platform capable of complying with all security protocols once logged in with username and password.

What is Tonybet's minimum deposit amount?

As mentioned above, all games on this portal can be played for free, however, to enjoy bonuses, prizes, among others, it is necessary to make a deposit of at least $10.