Hi there. You’re wondering who we are! Thanks for being interested. In brief, Tita will tell you that she met Jessica outside the bathroom of the Drama Centre at the University of Toronto. Tita had planned to help Jessica with her upcoming theatre festival performance so they had been connected via email in the summer. Tita creeped Jessica’s profile on Facebook so she knew what she looked like before they met at orientation. Jessica remembers seeing Tita fixing her hair in the bathroom. Nevertheless, they met outside and together they walked in to spend the next year earning their MA in Drama while laughing on a white shag carpet and learning in a space that desperately needed a paint job.

Feminist Space Camp was Jessica’s idea and when she sent the call to Tita for edits, Tita wanted to be more than the punctuation police. She wanted to be involved. So Jessica dubbed Tita her co-editor and over the course of a couple months they launched the first issue: a blend of many different types of creative works. Subsequent issues will be themed, and they hope to get funds one day to have paper copies, but for now this is it: a space where readers of all genders, races, and ages can come to maybe laugh, relate, cry, or simply enjoy some art about life. 

You can learn about our mandate and more about each of us specifically below if you’re super into how cool we are.

Welcome aboard. 

Our Team



We want to create a community without having to be in physical proximity with each other because of this wildly digital age. This is a space where people share what they need to share. This is a heart-on-my-sleeve, take-me-as-I-am space. We welcome creative works from people identifying as feminists, whether female, trans, gender fluid or male.

We believe in Ann Friedman and Aminatou Sow’s Shine Theory: “I don’t shine if you don’t shine.”

So please join us.

Let’s help each other shine.