Jessica Watkin: Artistic Director

I was born in small town Ontario and moved to Toronto for graduate school. I'm pursuing my PhD in accessible approaches to creating performance by disabled artists in Canada. I think and practise care and support daily, love wine and coffee and books, and I am drawn to any body of water. I write plays and poetry, tweets and blog posts, greeting cards and loving gooey text messages. I love my friends and sweaters and November to February. I like singing at sunset and making bad jokes. Sometimes I struggle and sometimes I'm an island and sometimes I reach out and I always believe in it taking a village to survive these days. I have three tattoos that are all about my family and I like to bring people flowers. I love hosting. Oh, I'm blind, and I travel the world and live alone and am a lover and a fighter.

Tita Kyrtsakas: Editor-in-Chief 

Hi! I come from a big Greek-Italian (Gretalian) family, which I will probably write about at some point because they are an integral part of my life. I grew up in a small town in Ontario that some call “cottage-like” (vacation, not cheese), where you can see the stars and hear crickets. After earning my BA in English and Drama at the University of Windsor, I made the big city move to Toronto to get my MA and then I moved back home to work at Starbucks, have existential crises, and then earn my B.Ed. I have a lifelong love affair with school. I also love: reading YA lit, writing poetry, theatre-going, eating cheese, working with humans of all ages, and going to sleep by 10. 11 at the latest. I hope to bring people joy.

Hello from Tita and Jessica!

Hello from Tita and Jessica!


Marissa Watkin

Head of Digital Design

Bio coming soon!


Zoe Elisabeth

Social Media Intern

Hello, my name is Zoe Elisabeth and I am a Sociology and Gender Studies student at Trent University. I love school and learning and have dreams of one day getting my PhD and being a mediocre professor that students do not totally despise. I have a passion for all things social activism but focus majorly on disability rights, reproductive justice, and environmental activism. 

I am overjoyed to be interning for Feminist Space Camp this summer and look forward to delivering content from our wonderful writers to the world.