Jessica Watkin

I was born in small town Ontario and moved to Toronto for graduate school. I'm pursuing my PhD in accessible approaches to creating performance by disabled artists in Canada. I think and practise care and support daily, love wine and coffee and books, and I am drawn to any body of water. I write plays and poetry, tweets and blog posts, greeting cards and loving gooey text messages. I love my friends and sweaters and November to February. I like singing at sunset and making bad jokes. Sometimes I struggle and sometimes I'm an island and sometimes I reach out and I always believe in it taking a village to survive these days. I have three tattoos that are all about my family and I like to bring people flowers. I love hosting. Oh, I'm blind, and I travel the world and live alone and am a lover and a fighter.

Tita Kyrtsakas

Hi! I come from a big Greek-Italian (Gretalian) family, which I will probably write about at some point because they are an integral part of my life. I grew up in a small town in Ontario that some call “cottage-like” (vacation, not cheese), where you can see the stars and hear crickets. After earning my BA in English and Drama at the University of Windsor, I made the big city move to Toronto to get my MA and then I moved back home to work at Starbucks, have existential crises, and then earn my B.Ed. I have a lifelong love affair with school. I also love: reading YA lit, writing poetry, theatre-going, eating cheese, working with humans of all ages, and going to sleep by 10. 11 at the latest. I hope to bring people joy.

Hello from Tita and Jessica!

Hello from Tita and Jessica!